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October 12, 2014 07:57pm

fatima mohammed is killing me
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Catholic

Hi jesus,  

You can *** in *** picture fatima mohammed in abudhabi,  uae is killing me after thefting heaven property from me *** marrying me to her daughters in genie world or heaven whichever is sinless world. 


I love *** god. 

Your first love, 
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October 12, 2014 07:41pm

*** help me *** my christian *** jewish religion
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Catholic

Dear God, 

I am in abudhabi, uae now *** hindu bhagwan *** indian police from sinless world claims i have murdered people in india using pistols *** guns so I want to know whom i have killed *** how i got pistol or gun in sinless world because i cannot understand how *** anyone can kill someone in sinless world when he is *** entered. 

Is it maya knowledge of hindus who have made false cases against me *** my jewish religion *** taken out my torah genies from me wirhout my permission *** misused **** *** controlled them. 

Is it genie world or heaven where i have murdered using pistol or gun because i dont know as i *** hindu bhagwans *** hindu genies claims i have murdered someone. 

You already know i am original torah genie *** son of *** *** shia muslims *** hindus *** misusing knowledge on me by using maya knowledge to kill me *** change time by making clone genie of me *** doing sins from *** *** showing *** world i have sinned. 

God why jesus Christ is *** helping me when He knows everything? i will *** die even if i get cutted into pieces. 

Indian channels *** india *** put my prayers on original hindu genies mind *** claimed its someone prayers *** proving *** world i have sinned. 

Now hindus wants to call me to india *** put me in prison *** make me bollywood hero after i say i have sinned which is done by my clone genie of shia after beating me *** scaring me because everybody knows i have *** sinned *** shias *** hindus *** killing me *** qant to proof *** world i have murdered, raped, forgery *** made my torah genies bad *** porn stars as everybody knows its hindu ram bhagwan who *** taken **** out from me without my permission after he got heart attack. 

Today mata of india came in abudhabi, uae *** tried to fool me by saying i love *** then said dont leave *** until he is dead because she knows moses *** jesus Met me in abudhabi, uae *** **** have sinned by making my religion bad *** now after taking my heaven property *** torah genies **** want to kill me *** my jewish religion. 

i still dont understand as shias *** hindus taken out my torah genies *** made **** dance *** showed **** naked in front of television *** borning kids from **** without my permission why **** *** *** sinners why **** *** still in genie world or heaven? Now to remove there sins **** *** showing maya knowledge on my jewish religion *** me. 

God when jesus will help me?

Hindus girl genied did *** with me wirhout my permission *** i didnt even felt **. What kind of maya knowledge is this where **** think *** **** feel **. Pure black magic of shias *** hindus. 

When everybody knows i am *** *** of all planets why **** want me to die *** resurrect again *** again? 

God please help me, i need your help, my aunt fatima mohammed *** zareena *** evil shia genies who *** changing time again *** again *** killing me as **** know there imam ali Is fake genie who *** thefted pearls from my eyes *** *** know what **** have thefted. 

Your first love, 

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October 04, 2014 11:24pm

Category: Danger
Language: English
Denomination: Brethren


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October 03, 2014 02:28pm

We *** saved *** kept by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone! Thank God!
Category: Salvation
Language: English
Denomination: Other

Greetings Friends of Churchbud.com,
  *** Holy King James Version Bible is God's Word *** *** English language. *** Holy Bible is our sole authority *** faith *** practice. According to God's Word *** Holy Bible, Jesus Christ (God Incarnate) is *** *** *** only Lord, Saviour, Mediator *** Head of *** Church. According to God's Word *** Holy Bible, *** only way to get saved from sin, satan *** **** (according to *** Holy Bible, there is only a heaven *** a hell/lake of fire), is to first admit we *** guilty sinners, on our way to *** literal burning hell, then to turn from our sins to God, *** to trust *** rely on Jesus (who suffered, bled *** died *** our sins on a cross, *** buried, *** who bodily rose again *** third day) to be our *** *** only Lord, Saviour, Mediator *** Head of *** Church. Please read all of *** Holy KJV Bible if *** can read English, *** first of all please read Ephesians 2:8-10.
  Friends, if *** *** *** absolutely sure of being ready *** heaven, please right now get saved! Like God's Word says, Today is *** *** of salvation! Thou knowest *** what a *** shall bring forth! Anyone of us might *** live to *** tomorrow, or even later this day, so if *** *** *** saved yet, get saved right now *** God's glory, then live *** rest of your life *** God's glory! Read daily in a Bible, starting with *** *** Testament, then reading *** entire Bible all *** way through, over *** over again *** *** rest of your life! If *** *** in a false Church, such as a Church that worships Mary *** *** Pope, immediately transfer to a true Bible believing, Christ honoring local Church! Tell everyone *** can about salvation by grace through faith in Jesus alone, *** how *** saved you, *** about how *** wants to save everyone who is willing to be saved!
  Best Wishes,
Straight Mr. George Christian Carter
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September 30, 2014 05:07pm

Category: Prayers of the Church
Language: English
Denomination: Protestant







Dear  bro. & Sis. In Christ,



Greetings from *** Creation Trust of India,


We *** an NGO focuses on mission work in India .we request to pray for church to be built through His grace *** your sacrificial giving *** good *** reward able cause. We have bought a piece of land to build church at Pratappur Dt. Kashipur UP. near Nainital a place of tourist to visit mountains during summer season. There is no church  to worship Lord Jesus among *** 10 Lakh people at Ramnagar *** Lord *** put burden in our heart *** lost souls to be saved in this area. If  Holy Spirit  leads *** to support  this mission work please contact  **. May God bless *** *** your family !



Yours in His Services


Pastor Vinod :B.Lall

91 9818511973

























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September 29, 2014 02:50pm

Pray *** *** To Bless Deniseey V. Reeves!
Category: Prayers as Blessings
Language: English
Denomination: Methodist

Greetings Friends,
  Please pray fervently *** *** to richly bless Deniseey V. Reeves, especially spiritually, *** in every area of her life, in Jesus' Name *** *** His sake! Thanks! *** richly bless *** *** praying *** her!
George Christian
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September 28, 2014 07:30pm

Category: Requests
Language: English
Denomination: Other

Lord, thank *** *** being my *** who is *** changing, thank *** *** being who *** are, thank *** *** being my Jehovah Jireh. I pray Lord that *** will bless me so that I can pay my tuition fee. I know that it is your will ***. It is your will *** me to study in a Seminary School. I'm counting on *** Lord. This is my prayer, in Jesus name. Amen


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September 26, 2014 01:34pm

find a match
Category: Love
Language: English
Denomination: Baptists

I ask *** prayer *** me to find a good guy to treat me right *** settle down with . I want to be *** best mom my *** born baby next year can have its my first child. We need to be blessed with our own place *** me a job to provide *** him.
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September 23, 2014 01:24pm

Restoration time
Category: Consolation
Language: English
Denomination: Pentecostals

In *** arms of His love I find rest. In *** arms of His love there's sweet quietness, Nothing can harm me, no reason to fear, save in *** arms of His love! Softly He speaks to my spirit, draw me me near into His grace, laying aside all my worries *** pride to enter His gentle embrace, Save in *** arms of His love!!!!!!


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September 18, 2014 04:50am

pls visit & pray
Category: Requests
Language: English

hello sir/madam praise *** lord pls visit & pray http://www.christministriesindia.org/
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