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July 24, 2014 10:45am

dear god do you want me to eat shi-t
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Greek Orthodox

Dear god, 

Shias are thinking and believing that lover of moses and Jesus Christ will did after I write whatever I know here as they feel and believe it is the property of yours and god is also a property. Shia genie zakki and saber ALU za war has theft heaven property from me and used it to change that moses and Jesus Christ came to meet me in abudhabi, uae by removing all dreams from my mind and they took the dreams into there mind and showing god that they have met moses and Jesus Christ instead of me. Shia genies are buying all genies who are trying to help me and stay with truth by giving them Mercedes car in there mind which they will get into reality.

Shia genies mir saber ali za war and genie zakki wants me to eat shi-t so moses and Jesus becomes lie and there love becomes fake and they say if I eat shi-t my prayers will not be accepted and I will not be able to go in heaven and whenever I pray to god or listen Torah or bible shia genie mir saber ali zawar ask thems to eat shi-t and go out of india or anywhere i want to go and instead of me and until now many original genies are forced to eat shi-t and drink pis-s because shia genies wanted to rule the world by knowing I am the one of this world and thefting heaven property and everything from me.

Shia genies are doing everything to change my love to sexual love because they want to proof they ate right and moses and Jesus Christ is wrong.

Shia genies says this world doesn't have god and everything is by knowledge and even god is property.

I can show to Indian police I am original spirit of god but shias are killing me from last 13 years and not letting me love god and thwfting believe from which I can bring dream to reality.

I am not a magician otherwise I would have never told what is happening with me and save my property by not writing it here. 

Please my lovers remember me in your prayers.

Love you all lovers of heaven.

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July 24, 2014 09:00am

after i went to church and visited my room in cochin
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Greek Orthodox

Yesterday I went to church and when I came back I saw shia genies meesum and dead awaken shabbir started putting there private parts in my private parts and I felt pain and suddenly I saw nagarjuna genie of Bollywood came and arrested genie meesum and dead awaken spirit from church broke curtains in my room from where they were coming. Shia genies are together 2000 who wants to kill me and where ever I go they make terror in sky and says I did the terror.

Don't worry I will not die even after writing this.

After I post here as what is happening with me shias and Muslims and Hindus are washing my brain and my health is very bad as my believe is theft by genie zakki of Hyderabad, India from my hands and shoulders but original spirit never dies as everyone says so I am not dying and feeling the pain as shias and Muslims thinks that is happening to me.

Then as soon I prayed after visiting church before sleeping in my room shia genie zakki brought gita holy book and started reading in front of me by saying I will change time again as how Jesus Christ changed it.

Shias and Muslims are doing everything to me to kill me they are putting shi-t in my body and pissing on my face and chest and broken my tooth's and shias genie women of Hyderabad, India named manjli who is a leader of there people slept with me without asking me and bring child into this world by taking my believe and after she has enjoyed her son genie named akbar is killing me.

Shia genie zakki showed me how mata of India is masterbating in her picture which I didn't like as I am a good guy I cannot see someone doing adultery specially a genie who has many believers I feel that because mata has resurrected my Torah and Bible genies and made them porn stars she is doing this to save herself from mistakes.

I am the one I don't need any permission from any genie if anybody wants to fight then fight one to one in spiritual world let me enter into heaven and learn as what you have learn to kill then it will be true fight, mata is so old and I am 33 years old why she and her religion is scared as there country will be in danger if I leave India. 

Jesus I heard your voice for the first time and it was nice but not really nice you might have remembered when it was but why did you give time travel to shias and Muslims and hindus. 
If I had to take your property Jesus I have asked you in church why so many false cases against me.

Please forgive my sins which I have not done and are of shias and Sunnis and Muslims and your sons and daughters.

To proof I am sinner to the world I would have died by jumping from building by taking god name but I didn't because my god is beautiful and not only for this planet.

Please feel me and fight for me as I want you to kill all shia and Sunnis and Hindu genies as I am keeping my mind clean now as everyone says we have to keep our mind clean and tell you and you accept wishes.

God bless my family member
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July 23, 2014 01:06pm

moses help me my grand father
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Greek Orthodox

Moses I want you to know more as what shias are doing with me in Cochin who has come from 2nd world door. Shia genie ushee is masterbating my ***** by putting first se-x feeling then collecting lights from my peni-s and making them into kids. Shia genie shabbir who is dead awaken is also collecting lightht from my peni-s by saying I have given you sperms and I am taking it backback which is lie. Shia genie shabbir wants to kill me and moses and take all property of Jews and use it in Islam even prophet mohammed left hand has been already burned who believes in vision.

Whenever I love god shias says I am flying in there mind and Islam is in danger if I fly so they ate killing me. Hindus ram has killed many bhagwans and taken there property since Hindus says everything is property even there mata whom they believe in as I found it from there mind when they got scared from me and now Hindu genies are saying no body must scare from me otherwise u will read there mind.

Moses this world is in danger because of Islam as they have changed time by travelling through time power given to them by Jesus chrust.

Moses my grand father and my love I need justice from you and I want you to save me from evil genies and evil religions.

Moses I don't understand after you and moses met me in abudhabi, use if I fly in there minds what can be danger to Islam. As loving anyone makes even a sinner happy and good.

Moses genies of India are putting there bad minds of theirs against you to me so that they show the world I am against you.

Moses I know you are reading me and you will save me.

My life is for you moses and god whom we love both very much.
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July 23, 2014 12:19pm

God what shall i do ?
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Greek Orthodox

God I am right now in lulu mall of Cochin, Hyderabad and I am getting peace of mind here andi listened to Torah just now and Muslim genies started doidoingx with me while I listen to torah . Please tell me what shall I do as 10 commandments says not to do adultery and genies from my stomach are losing from me and to win from me they are doing sex with me and I am feeling like Muslim genies are raping me and having children's from me without my permission I don't know what to do. Please help me god my children must be only for my Jews wives who loves you but not Muslims or Hindus.

Please tell me what to do ? I am lover of you and I cannot hurt anyone.

To kill me shiasshias, Sunnis and Hindus and even Jesus Christ sons and daughters are doing everything to kill me like abusing me, girls taping me to win and having children's from me without my permission like I told you before they have put there genies inside me and asking them to say I need sex while I listen to Torah.

Please help me god I will not die until you tell me I love you.
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July 23, 2014 11:58am

yesterday to today whatchappened with me god i am telling you here
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Greek Orthodox

My dearest god, 

Yesterday after I wrote here again I went to sleep on my bed and shias genies suddenly got warnings in there mind and they came and put there private parts in my private part and did raped my genies for more tthen 2 hours and one genie whose name is meesum son of saber ali za war genie of Hyderabad, indiaIndia said this is in my fate to sex with your genie and he raped I asked god to help me but nothing happened then early morning around 6:45 am I got a call from Hindu person then as soon as I kept the phone he said you are our genie of Maya and I will control you now by raping your girl genies I moved my legs and moved my body but his mind was not moving and he was enjoying raping my genies and asked one of my genie I will give you home and mmoney come with me. My genies are my love and because of shias, Sunnis and Hindus I am unable to talk to them and eat foodfood and drink water and whenever I win shias put there lose into me by saying what if we lose we will give our Faye of lose to you.

Then in the morning I was praying and suddenly genie mustafa came into me and started masterbating in my stomach as everyone wants to kill me in reality because they have stolen everything from me but god has plans for me.

I am writing this in front of everyone because you all must know what us God according to all religions a genie who is scared dies.

My religion is Judaism and I am proud of it as my god is not a genie.

Zakki genie is inside my left hand and mind who has theft my love letter to god from my mind and ran and slept in grave then when I took name of moses he came again to kill me.

God please help me and save my genies as I am not scared of death but shias are killing and tjefting my genies and angels heaven property specially Indian government police who is scared of me as they know if I die this world will be finished as I am the one of this world.

God gwnuw zakki us my biggest enemy who is killing me since I am a kid and right now also he is reading what I am writing and changing many words here through his mind.

If anything happens to my Torah and bible genies I will not leave anyone. Lovers never fight or kill but shias and Sunnis and Hindus are doing shi-t and piss from 2nd world door on me and trying to control my mind to think bad.

Shias and Sunnis and Hindus have breaken law of god and must be punished to death as they don't have fate to go in 2and or any other world.

God please help me and love me until my last breath of life.

if reading any holy book is a property then all the above religion claims you are also a property and by praying to you they take your property.

God your love is forever but my love I don't know but I don't want to lose you in my life.
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July 22, 2014 12:01pm

shia and sunni genies from hyderabad, india has come with me in cochin
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Greek Orthodox

God I love you so much that is the only reason I am telling you as what is happening with me in Cochin, India.

Shia and Sunnis genies from Hyderabad and Hussaini tekri, Jaora India has come in cochin , India to kill me by bus. Hindus are saying we will kill you until you are dead in our world.

Shias and Sunnis and Muslims have taken my everything and I don't have money to buy clothes now as they want to show the world moses is wrong and says bad words to moses all the time.

Even Indian government police is with shias and Sunnis and Muslims in India by asking my genies and angels what happened with you after knowingEven Indian government police is with shias and Sunnis and Muslims in India by asking my genies and angels what happened with you after knowing that shias and Sunnis have raped and still raping my heaven angels of moses which is of Torah and Indian police ask my genies what has happened with you, Hindus ram has given them permissin to kill and rape my heaven angels and in front of the Indian genies and angels he says we are with truth. Indian police are enjoying seeing my love genies raped and they pretends they don't know anything.

I am unable to think and feel and in all of my body specially mind shias and Sunnis have put there genies to control me and they are speaking from my throat and all Indians thinks and believes its me who is talking to us. I have been killed by bombs and firing and beating in my mind by shias and Sunnis and Muslims and Hindus as Jesus Christ gave his power of time travel to all religion who believes in him is changing time of the world again and again and blaming me I am changing time. As ram has accepted death wish which was prayed by Habib ali genie of Pakistan I am not dying and Christians of India are trying to make me like Jesus christ .

Whatever is in my fate by moses was mine and I need it back or I will die and show the power of moses.

I prayed never thefted anything from any religion. Now shias are taking my heaven property by putting there genies inside me to call there imam names and they say all your property is ours.

Shias genie mir saber ali zawar has put 2 genies inside my nose which raises hairs to show other genies and angels I sleep with genie girls when I cannot see them how can I sleep with them.

If I want se-x then I do it by marrying. Everything is being changed by shia genies of alawa e sartaukh temple of Hyderabad, India as they have already killed Jesus Christ in my dream from originality.

Whenever I am writing it here shia and Hindu genies are washing my mind so I cannot write and going to prison in genie world by saying for India they will go to jail.

Shias have made me like porn star in genie world by putting there genies in my body and calling I like porn star so that genies accepts me to become porn star.

God where are you now I am very alone I don't know how I am living as shias want to kill me badly to kill moses and theft heaven property of moses. I am almost dead and Israeli government is not helping me by bringing me to 2and world as I cannot think and feel u am unable to talk to them and whenever shias loses from me they put there lose in my body showing the world I lost even after moses came to meet me. Believe from my eyebrows are thefted too and I cannot see anything clearly because they are taking my believe and waking up there dead people. My eyebrows believe has been cut by swords by AGHA hussain genie of hyderabad, india and I loved Jesus Christ and that love has been theft by meesum genie son of mir saber ali zawar showing they love Jesus Christ to win from me.

As I am in cochin , India every country is getting warning that original spirit will be dead and there countries will be erased they are coming to Cochin, India from 2and world door as abudhabi, uae genies have already come in Cochin, India to take me as they got warning that abudhabi will be erased from world map if I die.

God yesterday Mikey Cyrus whom I love very much got angry on me as I posted about Sharon stone whom I love and you talked to Mikey Cyrus from sky.

God did you ever loved me truly I know whoever I love they love me less maybe its that you love a believer who prays for you. Why have you come in my life god when you wanted to stay away from me. I need a lover like you and I promise I will keep you happy in my life.

My everything is yours and my property is my body and blood and soul which is for you.

Because Jesus Christ gave time travel knowledge to shias and Sunnis and Hindus they have put MD in scareness since I was a kid after knowing I will be the one of this world and to win from me they scared me from the beginning.

God I need your help please help me or at least stay with me so I die with a support of lover like you.
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July 22, 2014 09:42am

god why did you give powers to jesus christ which he gave it to different religions
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Greek Orthodox

Hi God after I wrote about how Jesus Christ gave powers of time travelling to shias and Sunnis and Muslims and Hindus for misusing them and making innocent lovers like me naked in church after knowing I love god Jesus Christ has went against law of you. God now you have to proof what are you ? A Human made of light or genie or a vision which is seen only to sinless people.

Indian police are killing me and my genies and angels of heaven and there ram has accepted my death wish which he controlled me and prayed after knowing he had done mistakes. I can go in police station and proof I am the original spirit of god but indian government want to make me fake genie and control me in India to make there sky and kill my love genies and angels of heaven.

Shia dead awaken name shshabbir who was staying on my rightside of stomach was killed by knife yesterday after I wrote truth here and I started feeling and thinking as he was taking everything of me he was awaken from mir Momin deira of hyderabad, India and then he was saying to others I am already dead and then love letter which he theft from me he gave it to mir Momin in his grave and he touched my love letter to his peni-s from inside grave.

I witness if I say anything wrong I die right now.

My genie Sharon stone of Torah vayikra was sleeping in bathroom because of shias and Hindus as they have first raped my genies and angels and then they controlled me by putting there genies inside me as Jesus Christ gave them power of time travel.

Yesterday I could not control myself and from outside police station I told the Indian government genies that I will kill India as they says do true love then says everything happens by us as India is controlled by Hindu government. Then in the morning they arrested my Torah genies whom I love very much who is my part of life and heaven and Indian police were saying he said I will kill india . I want to ask the same question with there mata what if your genies are raped by evils who do true love with love. Since everyone says to keep there mind clean aNs heart clean by saying god has said it then I will do the same I will not leave anyone who has raped my angels and genies and made them naked in front of everyone to keep myind clean because what I had fate from god was theftef by shias and Sunnis and Muslims and Hindus and Christians.

My love has been given sexual love name in this world and my praying and my heaven property has been theft and my angels and genies have been made porn stars by resurrecting them and every time I believe they take my believe and kill me and make me fake genie.

After moses met me in abudhabi, uae I was forced by shiad to visit there temple which I don't wanted to but my father forced me to visit it and I was original spirit of moses and then shias killed me and my genies with knife and guns and swords then I was dead but still alive as I had a death wish then again shias forced me to pray and I prayed and they took my heaven property and killed me again. I am like mummy now and shias knows I am the strongest person in the world and they have put there genies in my hands, my stomach, my mind and even in my legs and peni-s to control me and show the world I am bad but I am the most popular spirit in the world. I never wanted anything from god but god gave me everything and it was shias and Sunnis and Hindus and sons and daughters of Jesus Christ who took my everything if you want proof asjask Justin bieber how much of my heaven property he took from AGHA hussain genie who thefts my heaven property and sells it to others.

Indian government and there ram has made my another beautiful genie sunny Leone porn star by resurrecting her nd his people has pis-sed on her as you can see in 

Why god why have you given power to Jesus Christ to see the future and give it to different religions like shias and Sunnis and Hindus.

God today I slept in peace after 13 years after writing here what has happened with meme and my genies and angels.

I am just Luke mummy now who cannot die and live god but I am being killed in India by Hindus and shias and Sunnis and even Christians as shias have spread terror in the Indian sky.

My understanding has been theft by shias dead awaken genies and spirits and they are resurrecting my genies and angels into there religion without my permission.

I curse all Hindus and shias and Sunnis and sons and daughters of Jesus Christ who raped my genies and angels and made then naked in front of everyone and made them porn stars die with terrible death with there families as I am keeping myind and heart clean. Even I have no heart as all  my body is cutted and stolen by all religions genies.

All my hurtings and emotions are theft by genies and they are showing it has happened with them what has happened with me. All Indian  government has stolen my prayers and using it on there people as original genies can see it from Indian movies.

My blood which was given to me by god has been sucked by shias genie zakki and dead awaken shabbir and giving them to there people.

I hope true lovers of god reads me and fight with Indian government and Muslims and all other religions in India who ate against me as they are not letting me come into reality by thefting my understanding.

I dont need to show if I love god to all religions as they can ask the one god if he/she loves me.
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July 21, 2014 04:42pm

dear god i am hurted and my life and my genies life has become hel-l because of jesus christ
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Greek Orthodox


Dear God,

I don't know where to find you as you love me very much but shias and sunnis and muslims and hindus are not letting me meet you and killing me since 13 years and before 13 years they have put me in shop with closed shutter, i never had a feeling of taste of food and i never know what i was eating whether it was tasty or not.

Since i was a kid i use to pray but i use to believe in that god who was fake and was only for non sinless people. When i came to know the truth i started praying for holy book torah and i prayed for chapter vayekra very much hours and hours as i didnt remember and i felt shia genies mir sabir ali zawar and genie zakki and genie shakeel put peni-s in my mouth by controlling me and i also felt it was the arab genies of kaba who raped my genies which i had and i didnt know about it as i was completely praying to god and while praying shias did these sins to me and my genies and angels and you must also know the genie of vayikra who was raped by shias and her name is genie sharon stone which jesus christ made her naked in front of everyone by releasing movie basic instinct. I never know that she was my genie and my cousin brother told me to watch that movie when i watched it i could not stop loving the beauty of sharon stone, she was the beautiful women i have ever loved in my life and i wanted to pray for her body but i feel like i have done a sin by watching her naked because of me she has been raped by shias of alawa e sartaukh of hyderabad, india in 2004 and today everyone has seen sharon stone naked body which i wanted to pray but shias and jesus christ made her naked in front of everyone which i cannot forget for my entire life. I prayed to god but if i ever saw my genie in front of me i would have wished to live with her for entire life and i never wanted anything from god. I want to know jesus christ what do you get after making someone naked in front of everyone ? specially my love genie whom i love very much and wanted to pray for her. What was in my fate was given to your people who needed se-x and do adultry. Was that the reason your fate went down and you met me in abudhabi,uae and now that you have finished your job and resurrected my torah angels and genies you want me to forget that i have prayed for god and let your sons and daughters kill me ? 

I would have never prayed to god if i ever came to know that beautiful angels and genies of torah will be abused by shias and your people like this, that is the only reason you have given time travelling knowledge to shias specially my father rahat and all those shias and muslims and hindus who believe in you. I thank god that you have not given me time travelling knowledge because after knowing future who will not change time just like your believers do and did it to me by changing time since i was a kid and made me do masterbation for 7 and half years. I never knew what i was doing and why i am masterbating as i could not feel or taste food or think properly. 

Even my american angels are married to shia genies whose name is kaunain abbas and abaan who put his peni-s in my genie mouth by saying did you like the taste is not it very tasty peni-s because of you jesus christ because you gave them time travelling knowledge and showed them that god is a genie who must never scare with anyone or eat food or drink water and not go to bathroom and he who scares dies. You taught these to shia genies specially muslims who theft heaven property from judaism by copying the words from holy book torah to holy book quran.

Because of your mistakes and permissions jesus christ my world has been finished almost and my torah angels are made porn stars and doing adultry because you didn't loved god truly and just a genie who pays attention when taking your name and believing in you.

Why my life has become hel-l when you know everything about me, all religions of this world knows that god understands only language of mind but not language of talking and feeling and shia and sunni and muslim and hindu genies prooves whatever they want to god through mind after knowing the truth of god who can understand only language through mind. I was put in shop with closed shutter for 7 and half years eternally and my body i could not feel anything or think and in the god whom i believe never knew who i was and what i was and shia and sunni and muslim and hindu genies were changing the time of me by giving my fate to others because they loved other people whom they cannot see dying and instead they gave me fate to masterbate for 7 and half years daily for 2 to 3 times a day non stop i use to cry why this is happening to me ?

Are you liking the truth jesus christ ? i hope you love the truth as it hurts sometimes. You can do anything because you have seen so many cases like this in your life and i am like a doll in front of you or maybe a picture so you think i am nothing for you because you have learned to keep your mind and heart clean and shias learned how to take time travelling knowledge from you by loving you which was not in there fate by thefting from your people.

I promised i love you truly after praying but shias took my loving fate from me and loved you and showed the world that they have not done anything to torah and bible angels and genies and instead they put all false cases against me and i didnt even know how to solve cases with god because god understands only language of mind. I want to book a case against you in front of god that you resurrected my love from me without my permission, i loved you that doesn't mean you take anything from me without my permission and you made my torah genies naked in front of everyone and your people did se-x with them. Jesus love truly to someone by becoming a sinner who cannot see god and you will see how beautiful love looks like with whom you cannot stay.

I have even seen you in dream jesus christ that you showed how big your heart is and how much you love god by asking me to jump from small wall and flew me in front of others, who wanted to fly ? i wanted to stay with true lover with whom i can live a happy life and pray to god where there is truth but you changed everything and your people made me naked in church of goa, india by saying i am a lie person and i have taught your angels and genies how to do bad things, just imagine first 7 and half years of masterbation daily for 2 to 3 times (almost 4000 kids would have been born by me if i would have not masterbated but mated with girls) you can imagine how much powerful i was since i was a child then 13 years of beating in my head by shias and sunnis and hindus and christian genies because they felt i am thefting there property which i was praying ? if praying means thefting something i want to ask you did you had fate to be son of god until now ? if not from whom you have theft fate to be son of god and love god ? I needed a lover who can live life with me and be my friend for lifetime and understand me and love me in trouble and control me when i become weak but your genies loved me because you met me in abudhabi, uae and they never loved me truly. Why did you put your heaven in my stomach i doubt that you lost your believe after moses came to meet me in abudhabi, uae. 

As you have given time travelling knowledge to shias they have already erased all my prayers which i did in my past and still erasing it, shia genies zakki and manjli and mir saber ali zawar is already thefting dreams from my mind and specially those visions which moses and you came to meet me in abudhabi, uae and those visions which i went to black hole and met someone. Hope you have knowledge of what i meant. 

All my genies and angels are of torah whom i love too much and wanted to live with them as a family and i would have married to any genie whom i loved.

Jesus christ i dont know how to solve false cases put by all genies as they know that i am the one of this world, genies of all religions are putting false cases to win my heaven property from me, even shia genie zakki has taken my blood which was given to me by god as it was the blood of god and given to his people.

I dont know whoever i loved truly didnt loved me truly and did promises and could not complete it. I dont want to loose god in my life if god meets only after death then i had wish to die because my god is very beautiful who is unseen i dont know when i will see him or after being dead i dont know if i will remember him or love him. I dont want a genie or angel who loves me after knowing that i love god i needed a lover who loves me by my looks like my hair style and my body and beauty of face. 

I feel hurted badly after coming in this world and knowing truth of people and genies like different religions makes genies celebrities and make them popular and all humans and sinners lives a poor life. All religions are fake or not i dont care all i know is that i love god very much and i want to be with true god who is of moses and holy book torah.

The one who knows everything and controls people and then ask have you done a sin is the biggest evil i ever know and you know it is the messengers and sons and daughters of someone in all religions except jewish religion.

Since you know how to change time by travelling time you can change time again by correcting your mistakes, i dont know if a prophet or son of god mistakes are forgiven by god since god has a human like family who can forgive his sons to remove his mistakes in front of this people. 

Jesus Christ thankyou for loving me and making my and my torah angels and genies life hel-l from the begining as you have given time travel to shias and sunnis and muslims and hindus.

God bless my jews, god i had wish to die after knowing truth of jesus christ whom i loved very much please give my 20 years to jesus christ to see and feel how beautiful you look like.

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July 21, 2014 01:16pm

trurh abour your genies and angels jesus christ.
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Greek Orthodox

You need to know truth about your genies Jesus Christ.

Madonna genies rapes my genies then genie Britney spears do se-x with me without asking me then Justin bieber shakes hands with shia genies to take my heaven property and become popular which is of Torah.

NASA genies took my Torah heaven property and use it to send it to mars and you have married my genie shakura with someone else whom I love very much.

miley Cyrus is also my genie of Torah who was naked and abused in your countryunited states and I love her too much. Jesus why don't you become naked on television to become popular and make yourself position in people mind. You remember you came from where Jesus as you are son of god and god is my love.

I am not genie I am better then everyone as it is the truth ad you already know.

I need my genies and angels back or I will curse the person who theft heaven property from me which I prayed and got from god. I didn't theft it.

Noah ark was stolen by your angels which has to be with me.

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July 21, 2014 01:04pm

jesus you have to witness god one more time
Category: Biblical
Language: English
Denomination: Greek Orthodox

Dear Jesus Christ, 

When I was in church you talked with my enemies very nicely even after knowing i am Jewish and I am the one of the worldworld. Your genie Justin bieber came inside me to keep myind clean after he dated my Torah genie Selena Gomez I will not leave anyone who has raped or touched my genies even if it is a prophet as I use to love god with my genies together and we were happy family but you didn't understood what is true love as you have to keep your mind clean.

I am not going to leave your Justin bieber genie  what is in my fate is given to me by moses and I need it back oryou know what I can do. I will kill myself and this world will be finished.

I am very angry on you as you read what I wrote on and you gave shias permission to erase that you have given time travel to shias and shiad put there imambargah inside my stomach to love them and they take my heaven property.

If anyone wants to fight with me they will be killed by god and you know what I am talking about.

Jesus why have you resurrected my love from me without asking me and why you have supported shias I am unable to understand who is evil and who is son of god.

I witness to god if anything happens to my Torah angels or genies I will not do anything but I will call Noah and the one whom you love very much will be finished. You already know I have fate to call Noah as everything happens by fate and even love as proofed by your angels and this world law.

Selena is my beautiful genie doll and she was a child and you made her adult so soon. Truth hurts but who goes against god will be punished even if it is son of god or prophet.

I witness to god that I have not done any sin until now if I have done any sin I just die and if I am still alive then I will not leave anyone and you know I am the most powerful man in this universe.

All my genies and angels who are resurrected inunited states must be send back or I curse the one who resurrected to be dead until he gives backy genies and angels.

People works and earns money and I got my angels and genies by praying. Hope you understand what I mean.

I also need my alien spirit back and just ask your angels how many times they have blasted bombs in my stomach and heart.
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